Will YOU Come Forward…?

So here we are…

Someone has come finally forward – to speak up and participate, for real this time. 
Mallika Sarabhai’s decision to fight the Lok Sabha elections in Gujarat in a constituency that has been a strong hold of ‘prime-ministerial candidate’ L K Advani, could be viewed by cynics as ridiculous spurt of idealism, by pragmatists as a lost battle and by fundamentalists as an opportunity to mud-sling. But let us not waste time and  look beyond the negativity to the larger public sphere that is displaying support in all forms. Let us believe in the new-found optimism and push ourselves toward positive action.
India First, Party Next, Self Last – says Mr. Advani’s official homepage. The question is – which India is this leader talking about? A bloody Rath Yatra, an anti-people development model, a flawed and divisive vision is clearly not what India needs today.
To politicians who indulge in fence-sitting, back-slapping, and stuff their pockets while turning their backs on us and our issues – let us make it known that we believe in alternatives and the choice is no longer limited to ‘the lesser evil.’ 

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